No One Enjoys Looking Stupid

I was recently reading some material I picked up at a conference from Cap & Compass and spotted a very telling question: “Do you enjoy looking stupid?”  I have to tell ya, my answer is no. Oh, I like to entertain and make people laugh, but I want them to laugh with me not at me.  What about you? 

Very little saddens me more professionally than to hear a job seeker talk about chasing the job and company of his or her dreams only to blow it.  The best advice I can ever give anyone in making sure that this does not happen is to get advice from the decision makers in business today rather than the novices out there.  For example: don’t ask your friends if your suit is appropriate for a job.  Ask someone in the industry and level of position of the person interviewing you.  Your friends might think your short skirt is pretty, but you will look stupid if you wear it to a professional interview.  Your friends might tell you that having a few drinks at a corporate reception is fine, but on the outside chance you are being tested or could get drunk….  Let’s say it together:  STUPID!  Noone enjoys looking stupid, and it can kill your career opportunities. 

I don’t know about you, but I do enough stupid things in my life.  If I can find a way to keep me from doing that, I’m on board with it. What about you?  Go seek the best advice so you avoid looking stupid.  ~~Cindy


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