Job Seekers or Career Seekers?

The first step on a job seekers’ to-do list is usually to write a resume, the second might be to find posted positions and the third might be to apply to those positions.  I suppose I agree that those are the correct steps for job seekers.  But, are you a job seeker or a career seeker? 

Job seekers apply to posted positions.  Career seekers, on the other hand, approach this beast in an entirely different manner.  Their success relies on networking.  Statistics show that over 60%, some sources show over 80%, of all professional positions are gained through networking before positions ever get to the posting stage. They figure out what companies and industries are of interest and then seek out key people within those areas who might be able to offer advice and guidance.  These individuals do not lead their career search with a resume.  Their resume follows their face-to-face, voice-to-voice or email-to-email conversations. 

Career seekers are marketers and communicators. 

Career seekers are entrepreneurs.  They know the product they are selling and the customers they seek. 

Career seekers build relationships and make sure they are in the right place at the right time and are invited to interview for a position as opposed to ask for a job. 

Is this always the case?  No, but it happens more often than one might think.  Look to my first paragraph for that number. 

I challenge you to decide whether you  are a job seeker or a career seeker.  If you are a career seeker, do you have the tenacity and stamina it takes to be successful in your venture?


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