Focus on Being Interested Not Interesting

Scenario 1:  Have you ever tried to talk to someone yet never get a word in edgewise?  Have you ever tried to tell someone a story only to be interrupted with responses like: “The same thing happened to me” or “Oh, I can top that one”?   The person you are talking to is so focused on being interesting that they are not showing any interest in you at all.  They cannot wait for you to take a breath or finish your story so they can talk.  This person wants to be interesting. 

Scenario 2:  Have you ever had a conversation with someone who intently listens to everything you have to say?  They focus all of their efforts on you and only respond with questions which prompt you to tell more of your story?  How many times have we had those conversations and walked away thinking great things about that person? You were treated with respect and interest in what you had to say.  This person is interested.

In your efforts to network, are you interested or interesting? 

I can almost guarantee that if you show your interest in someone else, that person will find you interesting.  You will reap the benefits of caring for others. 

Successful career managers are great listeners.  They ask questions rather than monopolize conversations with stories focusing on their own merit. They do not exalt themselves into conversations.  Their conversations consist of more questions than statements that begin with “I want” or “I need” or “I did”. 

Start becoming a better listener.  Show more interest in what others have to say.  The result will be that people will find you interesting.  Now, I need to go and practice what I preach. 



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