Live by the Scout Motto: Be Prepared

Be prepared!  When traveling, we have to be prepared.   If you are going to fly and are not going to check a bag, you have to make sure that all of your lotions and gels fit in a one quart size plastic baggie.  I, myself, cannot stand to walk barefoot through the security scanner, so even though I have to take off my shoes I wear socks until I get through the scanners.  I’m prepared folks. 

I have learned the hard way that I will never travel again for business or personal reasons without being prepared to run into someone with whom I might know professionally.

Early in my career, I was traveling for personal reasons and had a layover in the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport.  I was waiting for a flight when a beautiful elderly woman sat down next to me.  She looked familiar to me, but I could just not place her.  We struck up a conversation during which time the woman found out that I worked at Texas A&M University. She said she had visited A&M several times and loved our school (more reason to adore her) and then leaned over close to me and asked if she could offer me a bit of advice.   Here it comes.  Wait for it.  Are you ready?

She very gently suggested that I always make sure that I am wearing lipstick when out in public.  I got up that morning, tossed on a pink sweat suit and put my hair in a ponytail for a long day of travel.  I had put on powder, mascara and lip gloss earlier but that was LONG GONE.  I probably looked awful.  She was so sweet that I just nodded my head, and we both shared a good laugh.  She was so very kind and continued to talk with me. 

After a while, she got up to leave and asked me my name. I responded, and she responded with her name:  Mary Kay Ash.  I have to be honest, as she walked away my first question to myself was “Why is she in the airport and doesn’t she have a “pink” private plane?”  The second thought was one I will never forget.  ALWAYS BE PREPARED. 

I have had students tell me about traveling and sitting next to someone on a plane who works for a future employer of choice.  I have traveled to conferences and found myself sitting next to a colleague.  You never know who you will meet. 

Now you don’t have to wear a suit when you travel, but never allow yourself to look like a bum.  As I said earlier, BE PREPARED.


One thought on “Live by the Scout Motto: Be Prepared

  1. Michael Fletcher

    As an Eagle Scout, I have to say this is a motto that works in all facets of life. I would not go camping without the necessary knowledge and equipment to survive, and in everyday life it is never a good feeling to be caught unprepared. Great message!


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