Will This Be on the Test?

Remember how much you questioned everything as a kid?  Why is the sky blue?  Why are circles round?  Why do people die?  Those were the years we questioned everything about life.  We were fascinated with the answers our parents shared and even more fascinated to find out the adult truth later on in life.

Fast forward to adulthood.  Somewhere between four years of age and today we stopped asking questions.  We  have beckoned the quick and easy facts as to asking the question “why?” .

I speak to countless job seekers who only ask what they need to get by. They want to know what is on the test.  We often blame a lack of time for the inability to be inquisitive, but in fact asking questions is and incredible leadership quality.  In fact, I challenge you to pick up any literature that focuses on Leadership and see if it doesn’t include something about being curious, inquisitive and “challenging the process” as Kouzes and Posner refer to in their famous leadership book called The Leadership Challenge.  

The skill of asking questions comes when you seek adequate information to make intelligent and well-thought-out decisions, and understand when it is time to stop.  As always you want to maintain a balance so that you are cognizant of the other persons time.

I encourage questions.  Personally, I enjoy a person who is interested in learning as much about a subject as possible.  When preparing for your career and making decisions on new employment opportunities, please challenge yourself to be more inquisitive.  Ask questions.  Learn as much as you can about a company and a career in a broader spectrum rather than just focusing on preparing for a 30 minute interview or conversation. 

This entry was jointly written by both Cindy and Stacey.


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