Shopping for Employees is like Shopping for Toothpaste

When shopping for toothpaste, you are looking for specifics:  whitening, tartar control, flavor, etc.  You as the customer want a product to meet your needs.    I know that when I shop for any product whether it be toothpaste, shampoo or even a car, my only concern is whether that product can do what I need it to do.  Don’t you think the same way? 

Colgate’s marketing campaign never mentions the company’s goal to increase market and beat the competition.  You will never find company’s goals listed on the packaging for a tube of Crest.  Both companies and all products and services for that matter focuses on meeting the customer’s needs.  Selling by definition at is to cause or persuade to accept.  Please accept my product or service because it can meet your needs.  If Crest or Colgate offer what you want, you will buy that product.  If the product meets your expectations, you will continue buying that particular product, It is as simple as that.  Focus on meeting the customer’s needs. 

Hiring is the same basic principle as marketing any product or service.  Employers state their needs through job descriptions.  Job seekers prove their ability to meet the employer needs.  The job candidate who does the best job of marketing and proving his or her value to the employer gets the job. 

Instead of focusing on what you in a job, focus on what you have to offer the employer.  Be the solution.  What are the employer’s benefits to hiring you?  Find out what the employer needs and make sure you are promoting a solution to those needs. 

If you can produce what you promise, then you will naturally reap the benefits. 

When employers go shopping, make sure they select your brand.


One thought on “Shopping for Employees is like Shopping for Toothpaste

  1. Justin Martin

    I am all about Dental Care Arm&Hammer toothpaste. Nothing else. Hopefully our future employers are a little more open-minded than I am. 🙂


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