Handwritten or Email Thank You Notes

I get this question quite often from job seekers.  Should I handwrite a thank you note and send through snail mail or should I email so the person can get my thank you that day?  My answer is yes and yes. 

Receiving a thank you note through email from a job candidate is a great way to refresh my mind at the end of the day.  It shows that you left our conversation enthused and wanting to make an impression.            

A thank you note through the mail is something we do not receive very often.  I remember back in the early 90s when the morning and noon mail at work was two to four inches thick if not more.  Letters could easily get lost in the fray.  Today, the volume of mail we receive is much less so thank you notes stand out amongst the bills and junk mail.  A thank you note through the mail is also received three to four days after an interview.  Within your letter, note a discussion topic from our interview which will remind me of our conversation and reinforce your interest.

With the age of email, texting and social media, sending letters through the mail is not as natural as it used to be.  We have to write the letter, address the envelope, put a stamp on the envelope and take it to the mailbox.  That takes time, I agree, but this effort reinforces your interest and shows your added effort in securing the company’s offer. 

My advice to job seekers is to email a thank you note later in the day of your interview and write a thank you note to send through the mail.  Talk about making a great impression.  You can’t go wrong.


7 thoughts on “Handwritten or Email Thank You Notes

  1. Chuck Dietrich

    Great article that is bang on. A great read that really promotes the use of personalized notes via snail mail is Endless Referrals by Bob Burg http://www.bobburg.com . He has an extremely great strategy to build a large customer pipeline. The use of personal notes is not used often today and really makes a lasting impression, whether it for a potential employer or prospect.

  2. Shannon

    Excellent advice! I hope people will follow it. When I was unemployed a year and a half ago, I always followed up interviews with a hand written note. I actually did not think e-mail was appropriate, so I am glad to know differently now! But I had a friend who was also unemployed and I could not convince her that she needed to send thank you notes after the interview. That could be why I am now employed full-time in a great job and she spent over a year unemployed and now is only working part-time for very little money. It pays to be polite and considerate and to follow through!

  3. Mustaq Mansuri

    i have my own personalised thank you notes,which i have made according your instuctions made by you in your endless referrals and network cd’s, but still i would like a sample of your thank you notes, so please send me those one’s,otherwise i am becoming more and more successful of that just your cd’s thank you ,sir i have made you my mentor ,i adore you , Mustaq Mansuri.

  4. Mustaq Mansuri

    yours endless referrals and networking cd”s is extra ordinary,it has just change my life for better,you are genius.


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