Your Deserved Salary

The title of this blog alone probably has many career coaches and recruiters cringing.  Talk about one of the worst ways to approach a subject to a potential employer.  Tell an employer what you deserve, and I will bet the farm I know what you will really receive. 

To the average job seeker, hurdle number one is getting an interview; hurdle number two is getting the offer.  Somewhere between getting the interview, interviewing and the offer; job seekers start wondering about salary.  Salary is good.  I always say we work to live; we should not live to work.  Good concern, but be careful.  There is proper etiquette to salary inquiries. 

Talking to an employer about what you think you are worth or what you deserve can seriously backfire if you are not careful.  Mentioning the findings of your research is a great idea, but make sure you are not backing the employer into a corner.  Remember the best solution is one that benefits both parties involved.   When you find yourself focusing on what you deserve, take an extra dose of humility.  It works every time.


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