Are You a Member of a LinkedIn Group?

No wait, I think the better question is “Do you know what LinkedIn Groups are in the first place?”  If you do not know, then I highly recommend you log into LinkedIn and look for the latest tutorials because this amazing resource is ever-changing with phenomenal new features.  My favorite is the “Group”.  There are Groups for various school alumni, industries, companies, and functional areas.  Some groups are pretty general and some are very specific.  If you haven’t searched for or joined Groups, you must do so today.  I mean right now as a matter of fact. 

The value of Group activity on LinkedIn has become one of the most powerful networking tools in business today, and that value translates to job seekers.  LinkedIn Groups offer not just great forums for discussion and job boards but also CONTACTS! 

Belonging to and being active in Groups within LinkedIn can make a dramatic difference in finding individuals who can and, most likely, will offer great advice as you navigate through your job search.  What better way to build your network than to find targeted groups of people with interests that align with yours. 

The Group function in LinkedIn alone is one of the best arguments for you never beginning a cover letter with “To Whom It May Concern” again. 

In my profession, I have found a dramatic difference in expanding my network and relationships with colleagues I never knew existed through Groups such as the National Association of Colleges and Employers, Texas A&M Alumni, and Relationship Masters Academy to name a few. 

I highly advice you join targeted LinkedIn Groups that are right for your career goals, get involved in the discussion forums, add contacts from the group to your network and start building new business relationships.   I am confident you will see a dramatic difference in your connection to your profession and potential employers.


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