Successful Careers Involve Action Verbs Not Nouns

Remember when you were asked as a child what you wanted to BE when you grew up?  I, myself, love the excitement and joy in a child’s voice when talking about their future dreams.  I know mine were bigger than life.  We all wanted to save the world when we are kids by being a police officer, a doctor, a nurse or a super hero.   Fast forward to your high school or college years when you were asked the same question and I would bet the only difference to your answer is the title.  You still focus on what you want to BE.  We have simplified what we want to do with our lives and careers into a title.  

The problem with titles is that they rarely bring happiness in our careers.  Do you ever hear people talk with excitement about their job titles?  NO!  People get excited when talking about the amazing things they do in their jobs.  Passion drives our actions, and our actions drive our passions. 

When seeking potential positions, focus your effort in identifying job descriptions that match your career goals as opposed to the job titles.  Many times the job titles do not match the job description at all.  You will also find that positions with similar job descriptions are labeled differently depending on the company. 

Networking is one of the best ways to clarify job title confusion.  Besides building valuable relationships, networking offers the opportunity to learn about what people DO in their careers.  When employers host career fairs, the recruiters talk about what employees DO in specific positions.  The value you provide to employers will be through your actions not your title. 

Most people leave jobs not because of the job title but because of the job experience.  If you aren’t showing your value and growing in your career experience, you will not be happy.  Then, your career turns into a JOB! 

If you want a career and not a job, seek positions with job descriptions that match your ACTION goals.  Focus your job search on the action verbs and less on the nouns.


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