December Networking for Job Seekers

Some will advise job seekers to wait until after the New Year to resume searching for employment.  I, on the other hand, am with the group who recommend job seekers dry clean their business best and take advantage of December receptions and networking opportunities. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is perfect for networking. 

Join professional associations for your chosen profession or industry and attend Holiday and Christmas receptions and socials.  These events are great opportunities to meet potential employers from several organizations at one time.  National or international associations usually have regional groups that get together during this time of year. 

In addition, Texas A&M University has “A&M Clubs” all over the world.  Many of these clubs have weekly Happy Hours and certainly have events planned during the month of December to celebrate the Holidays and Christmas.  All job seeking Aggies should be sure to attend these celebrations, and former or current students from other colleges and universities should be attending events from their Alma Maters as well. 

Another great idea for connecting with business professionals during this time of year is to participate in community events.  Local businesses often get involved in Food Bank inventory collection or Toy Drives.  You will not only meet potential future colleagues and employers but also provide much needed service to your community. 

The opportunities for networking during the month of December are limitless.  Please do not put your job search on the shelf until January 2.  Continue to build your network and enjoy a very happy holiday and Christmas season.


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