Define Your Job Search Vision

Why is vision so important? It’s the way we interact with the world around us, and it impacts choices we make, opportunities we pursue, and what we focus on over the course of our lives. Some would say, vision is everything. Well, almost.

Vision is the plan for how we are going to reach a goal. However, many simply say that “X” is my goal, and I’m going to achieve “X!” That statement is pretty vague, isn’t it? Vision should be more than just a preferred outcome or picture of what the future looks like. Like I said, a vision should be a plan.

It’s somewhat easy to say we want a particular job, but it’s more difficult to say how we go about working toward that goal. How are you going to find contacts, companies, or opportunities? What will you say or do when you find them?

Get clear about your vision.

Focus and write down exactly what you see happening in terms of the specific action steps you will take—the how. By solidifying action steps, you draw a clear line of sight from the present to the achievement of the goal.

So, get started! Open “Notes” on your iPad, create a Word document, or put it all down with a pen and notepad. Define your vision, and you will take the most important step forward in your job search.

 By Guest Blogger Jessica Newcomb.  Jessica is the Assitant Director for Masters Career Education and Advising in the Graduate Business Career Services at Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School.


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