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Is it Too Late to Find an Internship?

It is January 26th, and it is absolutely NOT too late to find an internship for this upcoming summer!  It goes without saying that anyone who was able to secure a summer internship this past fall is happy and relaxed where the job search is concerned, but those of you still seeking are not considered members of the unemployable club by any stretch of the imagination.

Considering our current economy, most companies are just now finalizing their budgets which includes dollar allotment for interns.  Some companies will not know whether interns are possible for their organization until even March or April.  It is not time to panic.  What it is time for, however, is action.  The very last thing you should do is wait for internship opportunities to fall in your lap.  You have to chase potential internship opportunities and make sure you are positioned to market yourself as the best candidate.   

I challenge everyone reading this blog to energize and engage.  Attend every possible event which allows you face to face time with employers.  Engage with professionals on LinkedIn and Twitter and be sure to network with mentors and professional experts in your chosen career field.   Do not let yourself think much less say that you are too busy to balance a heavy academic course load and effectively execute an active job search.  You can do both, but you have to plan your work and work your plan. 

Connecting with business professionals can take time and turning those connections to possible job leads can take even more time and more energy.  I always say that you can conduct an effective job search part time, but you can not do it in your spare time.  The spring semester will be over before you know it.  Start networking, research new connections, attend career related events and much more. 

When you find yourself getting discouraged, reach out to your career services advisor. It is not too late to find an internship for this summer.  Use the time you carve out for your job search on strategizing and executing your plan of action.