Career Management Decision Making

By Guest Blogger:  Jessica Newcomb

When do we have all the information we could possibly have before we make a decision? When do we get all of our questions, doubts, and fears answered when there is a big decision involved?  Never! However, there are still those job seekers who want all the information before they make a decision. The decision could be about applying to which companies, taking which offer, countering the offer for how much. Whatever, the decision, we don’t live under perfect conditions in a perfect world.

Sometimes you have to make a decision to accept or decline an offer before you’ve interviewed for another opportunity that really excites you. There are hundreds of scenarios I could describe in which you don’t have all of the information. There is no absolute way to know which position you will like more, in which company will you have the most success, and so on.

My #1 tip to consider as you make career decisions is to prioritize. Does your geographic preference take priority? The answer to that question could depend on if you have a spouse, want to stay close to other family, or don’t like extremely cold/hot weather. Does the company culture and fit take priority? Does pay take priority? Does the actual work you would be doing take priority?

A career coach can’t answer that question for you, and even as you consult your support system of friends and family, they can’t definitively answer that question for you. Ultimately, you have to choose which path you will take.

What matters most to you? Once you have an answer, consider the information you have, and move forward.


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