The Need for Expert Career Advice

Just like expectant mothers, job seekers receive advice from almost everyone in their life.  Isn’t it funny how everyone immediately becomes an expert?   I often talk with job seekers who have received resume, interviewing and cover letter advice from so many sources they do not what to do.  I cannot stress enough the importance of finding an expert for your job search the same way you would for legal or medical advice.  Always find people most trained and experienced in the area where you need advice.  For the purpose of the job search, every job seeker should enlist advice from these two important groups of experts without exception:

Job Search Experts and Career Coaches offer successful tips based on experience and knowledge from hiring managers and recruiters across numerous companies and industries.  Career experts know the latest best practices in resume writing, letter writing, networking and interviewing.  They know how to guide you in determining career paths and options that best fit your strengths and goals.  Career professionals are counselors, advisors, and/or coaches depending on the need of the job seeker.  These people offer objective guidance based on research and knowledge of the current marketplace.

Profession Experts provide insight into the specific careers in which job seekers are researching.  If you are seeking a career in corporate finance, you should connect with people who are currently in and have had successful careers in corporate finance.  These experienced professionals provide targeted advice on what organziations you should join for networking and development.  They know the climate of their profession and what incoming candidates need in order to be successful.  People who are in the profession of your choice have walked in your shoes.  They know what works to get noticed and what doesn’t.  Seek a professional mentor who can offer you this much needed and valuable direction and guidance.

Create your team of experts who will guide you towards a successful job search and future career progression.  You can’t afford not to enlist the very best for your future.  Good luck!


3 thoughts on “The Need for Expert Career Advice

  1. Mark L. Clark

    After reading literally hundreds of resumes over the last week in search of summer interns, I can say without hesitation there is still the need for expert career advice (especially with resumes and cover letters) with the majority of college job seekers

  2. Cindy Billington Post author

    Teddi, you are the best my dear!!!

    It’s great to read your comment Mark. Resume writing is a learned skill and should not be taken lightly or done in 30 minutes. Those who read them for a living know on sight the difference between a well-written resume and one that was put together in less than 30 minutes.


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