After You Accept the Offer: Now What?

The day has finally arrived.  You have accepted an offer for an internship or fulltime position.  Regardless of the day your future employer gives you as your official start date, it is important you begin preparing the day you accept the offer.

Once a candidate is chosen for a position, an announcement is sent to the employer’s team.  The department begins preparing for your start date.  You as a future employee have a wonderful opportunity.  Instead of waiting until your first day on the job to meet your coworkers and supervisor, follow these simple tips on how you can make a positive impact immediately.

  • Reach out to your future supervisor and coworkers and let them know of your excitement to join the team.
  • Ask your supervisor if there is anything you can review or read prior to your first day.   Anything you can do to learn more about the department in regards to their work as well as the professionals working in that area will provide you the opportunity to make that immediate contribution you promised in the interview process.
  • If possible, visit your upcoming place of work before your first day.  Join your new team for lunch or possibly an after work get together if possible so that your first day will more comfortable for everyone involved.
  • Even though you researched the company as much as you thought possible in preparation for your interview, you should now look for resources that provide even more information for you.  Look to see if the company has had any press since your interview.
  • Keep in mind that you might be taking the place of a current employee or an intern who is finishing their assignment.  By giving the current employee in the position the opportunity to train you, you will alleviate a great deal of pressure in the event there is no overlap between you and that current employee after your start date.

Your future employer may not be ready to work with you or meet with you until your first day of employment.  That is the choice of that employer.  Your job as a future employee is to make the very best first impression you can to both your employer and coworkers.  It is your job to reach out and assure everyone of your excitement and interest.

You had to make a great first impression during the interview process.  Now is the time to make another great impression.


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