Don’t Forget Your Job Search Schoolin’

When we are searching for a job, we focus on doing what needs to be done to find a job.  We look for great opportunities with companies and search for positions that provide a great salary in the geographical location of our preference.  Basically, the short term goal of obtaining a job is our destination.

During your job search, you polished your resume, made sure your online profiles were professional, networked, interviewed, and so much more.  Successful job seekers make sure they leave no stone unturned when it comes to establishing their professional image and preparing to promote their skills and accomplishments at the drop of a hat.  Job seekers are knowledgeable.  They read business publications and research employers of choice.  Basically, they are in the know.  Well, they should be right?

Probably, the biggest mistake working professionals make after starting a new position is that they stop all of the wonderful practices they implemented during their job search and focus only on doing their new jobs.  BIG MISTAKE!

Successful career management is so much more than just job search success.  Here are a few best practices for great career managers:

Network:  Great career managers continue the business relationships they worked so hard to develop during their job search.  They position themselves as a professional and look for ways to help all of those who graciously helped them during the job search.

Pay it Forward:  It is imperative for career managers to pay it forward.  Provide praise.  Thank your new colleagues for their assistance.  Give credit where credit is due.  As we fight to climb the corporate ladder, we have to make a choice whether we want to climb with the support of our colleagues or use our colleagues as the steps.  Successful career managers accept the support of their colleagues and make sure to give back more than received at every opportunity along the way.

Online Presence: You worked so hard to perfect your online profile.  You engaged in LinkedIn Groups.  You reached out to alumni, former colleagues, and faculty.  Resist the mindset that you are now employed and do not have time to continue your online professional presence.  You have a great opportunity to give back through the same source that most likely made a huge difference in your job search success in the first place.  Provide the same great advice to current job seekers that you received during your journey.

Professional Development:  Finally, never stop searching for more education.  Be a life-long learner.  Seek to be more knowedgeable in your profession, look for opportunities to learn better leadership and communication skills, and challenge yourself to stay on top of the latest technologies.

It’s called LifeLong Career Management for a reason.  Accomplishments within the job as well as your professional presence and relationships go hand-in-hand to achieve career management success.


2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Job Search Schoolin’

  1. Tami

    Great post, Cindy! I’ve always made it a point to take time each week to keep in touch with friends and former colleagues. Not only is it fun to keep in touch, it can be a great business asset to have a network of trusted people for sharing knowledge, job opportunities and recommendations.


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