Managing Career Fair Expectations

Career Fair season is upon us once again.  As a job seeker, what are your expectations?  Do you expect recruiters to have positions specific to your interest? Do you expect recruiters to give you an interview on site? Do you hope your visit to a company booth will result in an interview and then offer?  Wow!  Would that be nice or what?

So, have you decided what you are going to do if the company recruiter does not have a position, does not have an interview signup or dare I mention refer you to the company website?  You know that all three of these possibilities can very well happen right?  If not, decide what you plan to do should these be the scenarios to play out during your experience.

In order for you to leave Career Fair with a positive experience, you have to be prepared.  Be prepared to discuss available opportunities, be prepared to sign up for an interview, be prepared to give away paper resumes (this doesn’t happen as often as it used to), be prepared to talk about the company or ask questions if the recruiter cannot address your immediate interests, and be prepared to apply online.  Be ready for anything.

Last year around this time, I wrote a blog about overcoming Career Fair obstacles.  Every roadblock you face during Career Fair provides an opportunity.  Career Fair provides face-to-face conversations you would not have had if this company never attended Career Fair.

And, here is a huge tip:  Write down the name of the company representative.  Use this name and your conversation in a cover letter.

Create positive strategies around each possible scenario to ensure your Career Fair experience is valuable and exceeds your expectations.


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