Career Fair Confidence

MBA students from across the country are in Indianapolis this week for the National Black MBA Career Fair and then traveling to Orlando next week for the National Hispanic MBA Career Fair.  These events are packed with fulltime and internship job seekers as well as employers looking to meet potential candidates and market their organizations.

If you want to be successful at these national career fairs, you must bring your confidence “A” game.  Employers notice those who arrive late to the event, those who stand around trying to get their bearings, and those who become intimidated by the experience.  Employers want to talk with potential candidates who are confident of their skills and abilities coupled with a health dose of energy to learn and experience what is in the future.

Before you walk in the door of a career fair or any potential event with an employer, check yourself in the mirror first! Do you see confidence looking back at you?  Do you know who you want to meet first?  Do you know what you are going to say?  Are you ready to take notes?  Make this old adage your mantra during this Career Fair season:  “Plan your Work and Work your Plan!”   Make a plan of what you are doing to do, who you are going to see, and what you are going to say.   Walk in the door and walk that floor with purpose.  Be confident and prove to the employers you meet at Career Fair that you are the best and look forward to a future with their organizations!

An effective job search requires a confident marketing plan.


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