The Value of Day Two at a Career Fair

Job seekers often ask how to maximize day two of a career fair.  If you have spoken to your choice companies on the first day, attended receptions, and possibly have interviews lined up for the second day, should you attend the second day of a career fair?  YES!  What can you do if you feel like you have already completed your list of companies to visit on day one?  Visit the company again.  Here are a few tips on how to make day two of a career fair just as important and effective as the first day.

1.  Stop by the booths of the companies on your “A” list first thing in the morning.  Verbally thank the person you talked to the day before should that be a conversation at the booth or a reception.  If you have an interview scheduled for later in the day, say hello and let them know you are looking forward to the discussion.

2.  Along with the initial stops at the companies on your “A” list, be sure to visit the other booths you visited on the first day to ask more questions.  At the end of day one, come up with a few more questions you would like to ask the employers.  It shows that you have done your homework and are prepared.

3.  Take time on the 2nd day to visit companies that were not on your list at all.  Remember that you don’t know what you don’t know.  Stop by the booths of companies without a line of people waiting.  In my experience, several great employment opportunities arise through these conversations.  Your dream employer may not be on your initial radar at all.  Be prepared!

Every minute a Career Fair is open provides opportunities for success.  Take advantage of this face-to-face opportunity.



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