Take the “Thanksgiving Unplugged” Challenge

I’m so excited to share with all of my blog readers a new campaign co-authored by a dear friend mine. Diane Gottsman is the owner of the Protocol School of Texas and has joined with Thomas Farley in creating “Thanksgiving Unplugged”.  The campaign challenges Americans to disconnect from their digital devices before sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this year.  Please visit www.thanksgivingunplugged.com to take the challenge yourself.  I wholeheartedly get behind this idea.  I am even going to go a step farther in pledging to walk away from my digital devices during all business meetings during the month of November.  Unless it is a real emergency, I will not be distracted.  As the old adage states, the most important person in a given moment is the person in front of you.

When reading about Diane and Thomas’s “Unplugged” campaign, I couldn’t help but think about how bad all of us have gotten with taking our digital devices to meetings and meals.  Yes, we use these devices to take notes and maybe send the occasional emergency text or accept the occasional call from our kids, but is it REALLY that important to check our email during business meetings?  What if we all went back to life before our devices and held calls while we were meeting or dining with someone else whether that be business or pleasure?

I hope all of my readers take the “Thanksgiving Unplugged” challenge, and as a test run, practice by not looking at your digital devices during your business meetings and meals this week.  Just like before the cell phone, hold all calls except for emergencies.  And I mean real emergencies.

Please share your experiences as you go through this week, and most importantly, let me know if you decide to take the “Thanksgiving Unplugged challenge.  Thank you Diane and Thomas for creating such a powerful opporutnity.



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