Too Late to Find an Internship for the Summer? NO WAY!

The spring semester has begun and organizations around the globe are beginning the new recruiting season for fulltime candidates and summer interns. My blog today will address some of the most popular questions I am asked by students during this time.

1. Is it too late to find an internship for this upcoming summer? No. For a few years before our latest economic crisis, companies were focusing more on fall recruiting for interns due to the supply and demand for talent. Since that time, both the fall and spring provide even activity especially at the graduate level.

2. Since most companies visit campus before spring break, does it mean that students cannot find a fulltime opportunity or internship after that time? Once again, no. While on-campus/face-to-face opportunites dramatically decrease after spring break, employment opportunities for both fulltime candidates and interns will still become available until the end of the semester and beyond.

3. What other resources can I use to find employment? My favorite resource today is LinkedIn. This one resource can provide you posted positions, connections, discussion groups, research information and much more. In addition to LinkedIn, take advantage of Twitter to communicate with companies and professionals of choice as well as Facebook. Please do not limit your job search to just on-campus opportunities.

4. How do I effectively find hiring managers at the companies in which I am applying? First of all, do not wait until after you have applied to a position. Get in front of that curve and start reaching out to people in the professions and companies that interest you. It takes time. If you think you are doing to apply for a position and connect with the hiring manager in a matter of a few days, you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Finding key people in organizations who are willing and able to help you is not easy nor quick, but it is the most effective.

While I have only touched on the answers to the questions listed above, I have listed the bottom line answer to each. It’s not too late! Opportunities at both the fulltime and internship level will be available throughout the semester, but you must take advantage of the other resources available to job seekers in addition to your on-campus career centers. Building professional relationships takes time but must be a key element in your career management plan.

Please comment and list other questions you would like for me to answer.



2 thoughts on “Too Late to Find an Internship for the Summer? NO WAY!

  1. Kirk Baumann

    Great post, Cindy. You have a point. Yes, there are still internship opportunities available. In fact, I have been seeing a shift in recruitment for summer internships to January-March vs. fall. That’s only a few companies so far, so it’s still best to have your “A-game” in the fall when corporate recruiters are on campus. They may still have a few openings in the spring, but the GOAL is to make intern offers before the holidays.

    As always, it’s good to be prepared and proactive in the job search. Just think about how many thousands of applications you’ll be up against (especially in this economy) as a late entry. Why not get your application/resume submitted as soon as possible?

    Job seekers MUST take advantages of the resources available. Also, don’t forget about deadlines. In the real world, they’re the real deal. There aren’t many extensions given, so make sure you get your application submitted in time!

    Great thought-provoking article, Cindy. Keep up the good work!


  2. Cindy Billington

    I totally agree Kirk. Numerous resources are at the fingertips of job seekers today. Take advantage!!!!

    Thank you for mentioning the deadlines as well. If you miss the deadline, you miss! Don’t ever let that happen to you in the job search.


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