High Tech / High Touch Job Search

How many of you remember the first time you applied for a job?  If you are like me, you didn’t have the internet.  You had to leave your home and “pound the pavement.”  For my first job, I had to physically walk into a business and ask for an application.  If I was going to go out and look for a job, I had to also dress the part.  In addition, I wanted an office job, so that meant I had to wear a dress with hosiery and heels.  I will never forget how nervous I was to walk through the front door of that office building and ask the receptionist for an application.  After What a frightening and exhausting experience.

The reason for my walk down memory lane is not to bore you with my history but to set the stage for an illustration of how the “internet” has changed the way we seek employment.  Today’s job seeker does not even consider my “old fashioned” way of finding a job.  Today’s job seeker typically starts out in front of a home computer.

While I understand it takes a great deal of time to complete online profiles with the companies where you submit a resume, I urge everyone to only use the Internet to research and apply for positions only.  What sets today’s job seeker apart from the thousands who only apply online is good old fashioned human interaction or as we call it today, networking.

The High Tech portion of our job search should consist of research and submitting necessary documents for positions.  The element of High Touch in the job search closes the deal.  Reach out to those in your professional field, college alumni, or other networks to build professional relationships.  Ask for guidance and direction.   Reach out to professional groups through LinkedIn, blogs, and face-to-face meetings in your area.  Become known in your profession and help employers find you.

Technology has become a very important component for today’s job seekers, but its use should be to enhance your job search research.  An “apply online” only approach rarely closes the deal.  How often do you hear job seekers say they applied for multiple positions online and not receive one interview in return?  Technology’s role in the job search is not to replace good old fashioned interaction.   Technology and human interaction must go hand-in-hand in order to successfully conduct an effective job search.



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