Seeking an Internship After Spring Break

The facts don’t lie.  On-campus recruiting dramatically decreases after Spring Break.  Career Centers are still posting positions and employers are still visiting campus, but the volume is much lower than what is normally seen from the middle of January to the middle of March.  Employers have attended Career Fairs, held first round interviews on campus, and are now either extending offers or invitations for second round interviews.  The on-campus recruiting train for spring 2013 is leaving the station. Does that mean it is too late to find an internship for summer 2013?  No.  Just as my blog from January titled Too Late to Find an Internship for the Summer  NO WAY!, it is NOT too late to find an internship.  It is just time to change your strategy.

For the first eight weeks of the spring semester, internship seekers seek opportunities, attend employer events and apply for jobs.  After spring break, internship seekers much shift their focus to new ideas and strategies.  Please continue seeking internship postings, but new strategies much be included for a successful search later in the season.  Consider implementing these action items to your job search strategy for the remainder of this semester:

1. Reconnect with employers you met earlier in the year:  While an employer may have interviewed or offered positions to other candidates, you do not know if all of those offers turned to accepted invitations for employment.  Reach out to those you have met throughout the year and communicate your continued interest.  This approach has worked more times than I can count in the past 20 plus years of my career.  As I always tell job seekers:  no today does not always mean no forever.

2. Talk with faculty:  Career Center professionals may cringe, but faculty often receive employment leads from business colleagues or former students.  These opportunities may never go through the campus career center.  Make sure the faculty who know you are aware of your goals and current employment status.

3.  Consider projects:  Employers hire based on knowledge, skills and abilities.  It s not uncommon for projects to arise late in the spring which leads to businesses needing summer talent.  These projects provide tremendous experience as well as ability to prove value to a potential employer just as a traditional internship.

4. Job leads through social media:  I would be remiss not to remind any intern seeker of the importance of social media.  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook groups all provide not just job postings but avenues to potential employers.

A successful internship search after spring break requries more creativity, more personal connection and more flexibility.  Good luck!



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