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Do You Love Your Career?

When asked if I love what I do for my career, my answer is very quick and said with confidence.  Yes!!!   I love career coaching.  I love guiding my students and clients to realizing their strengths, taking on the challenge to minimize their weaknesses, and encouraging job seekers to chase their dreams.  I love writing resumes and cover letters.  Helping a client identify and articulate their strengths and past accomplishments is not just rewarding to the client but also to this coach.

I enjoy watching my former students navigate their careers after graduating.  After 20 years, I could share with you some of the best stories that would make your heart burst with joy.  I have tagged my LinkedIn contacts who are former students.  All I have to do is scroll through that list to see what everyone is current doing with their careers and where.   Talk about inspiring.

As I stated above, I love being a career coach?  Yes.  Do I always like being a career coach?  No.  I do not like to see my students and clients struggle in their job search.   But as I remind each of them, great reward comes from overcoming the struggles and frustrations to reach a goal.  Some of the best job search stories come from those current and former students who overcame rejection and disappointment to eventually seeing their career goals come true.

Just a few weeks ago, I had a student come tell me about an offer she had received.  She was literally shaking with joy.  She had experienced frustration.  She had been through peaks and valleys in her job search.  While anyone would rather not struggle in any endeavor, she would be the first to say that her frustrations fueled her determination to overcome and succeed.  That is an example of one of my best days as a career coach and one I will never forget.

Can you say the same?  Can you describe your best day on the job?  Can you say that you love what you do?  I’m not asking whether you like where you work, the salary you receive or the size of your office.  Do you honestly love what you do at work everyday?  There will be days when you do not like what you do. There will be challenging days that stretch your patience, but do you honestly love your work?   If your answer is no, I challenge you to rectify situation that starting today.  Seek out a career or life coach who can help you realize and act on achieving your career dreams.